A Brief History of the Light Battle Tour

A Brief History of the Light Battle Tour

Newmindspace was founded in 2005, and we quickly found a following by putting on massive, fun, free events in Toronto and New York. Pillow fights, giant games of capture the flag, bubble blowing parties in the street; our modus operandi has always been the same: find a favorite childhood activity, and multiply the number of participants by 100. 

One thing we remembered from childhood is how, after all the Christmas presents are wrapped, children naturally sword fight with the leftover cardboard tubes. It occurred to us that if we spray painted with neon paint, and shone blacklights on them, they may glow enough to simulate a light sword. 

Our first battle was at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto in 2007, because it looks like kind of like a Jawa Sandcrawler, and it was an unmitigated disaster.

We provided 1,600 tubes - and 4,000 people showed up. People drove their kids in from all over the province, and most of them couldn't even get a tube. People were furious, and we had our first taste of a customer relations catastrophe. 

We only ever did one more cardboard tube battle, but we quickly learned the best thing to do was allow people to reserve their lightsaber battle online. 

8 years later, 2015 has been our biggest year ever. We have done battles in New York and Toronto, and are planning battles in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego and Seattle. Follow us on our adventures!

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