Glow Battle Tour is now Galaxy Rebel!

After 12 years of organizing massive saber battles, we have hung up the saber battle hat. You can read more in this SF Chronicle column. However, over the course of putting on these events, we created a ton of fun artwork that we don't want to go away! 

On one hand, we have our original designs in the That's No Moon collection, featuring hyperminimal cityscapes for LA, SF, San Diego and Seattle and an ominous satellite hanging in the sky. 

We have also restocked the Cats in Space collection, with all-over prints featuring cats in space! 

And, this may surprise some people, but through a special partnership, we are able to offer officially licensed merchandise from Star Wars, Nintendo, Rick and Morty, and more.

Please enjoy our new store, look around, and stay a while. If you have any product ideas, please e-mail us at :)

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