Online sales end at 5 PM (SF and LA only)

Online sales end at 5 PM (SF and LA only)

If you are going to the battles in SF or LA, online sales end at 5 PM! After that, we will let you know how many (if any) are available for purchase at the door.  

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Pickup locations: 

  • San Francisco: The pickup booth will be right on the battlefield, a massive astroturf field at Spark Social SF, from 8 - 10pm.

  • Los Angeles: The pickup booth will be at the corner of 6th & Hill, right on Pershing Square, from 8 - 10pm.

  • Seattle: The pickup booth will be on the battlefield, in the back lot of the Pyramid from 8 - 10pm. 

Remember: at this time last year, we were sold out! We got way more this year, but they are on track to selling out. Do not delay. 

Q: Hey, what happens if I didn't get my delivery sword in the mail?

A: No problem, simply come to the saber pickup booth at the event and we'll sort you out. USPS has reported a number of non-deliverable packages, but have no fear - you can still battle tonight!  

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