All-Color Saber (Sacramento Pickup)

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"★★★★★ Amazing battle last night! The distribution was easy & efficient! Special kudos to all the participants who just came out to have fun and included all the kids that were there! Thank you!" -Carrie M. 

"★★★★★ Fun events for everyone, friendly crew, family friendly too." -Via W.  

"★★★★★ I feel like a kid again!" -Kyle W. 

Saber Battle Sacramento 2018: May 4th 

Join us for a massive glowing battle in Midtown. Pick a side, good or evil, and use that venerable, ancient, glowing tool: the glow sword, in the ultimate nocturnal showdown. In the past we have attracted up to 1000 warriors, and we can expect more this year :)

How it Works

For every $5 you contribute we will reserve one saber for you. Each saber changes up to 6 colors is about 3' long. You will walk up to a big table full of sabers, say your name, and we will give you the sabers.
A note about e-mail addresses: Please use your primary e-mail address when you place your order - you may want your confirmation later on. 
Refund FAQ: 
Q: If I don't show up to claim my saber, can I get a refund afterward?

A: No. We will be handing out 
sabers starting a little before 8, and starting the event itself around 9. If you do not show up to claim your  saber before 10, we reserve the right to give your sword to somebody else, and not provide a refund. All  sabers are FINAL SALE, no refunds.

After all the sabers have been distributed, we will gather, split into sides, and the battle will begin!